Deni Kubricka

Hi, I am Deni Kubricka. I help individuals like yourself reach a level of desired expansion moving from struggle to thriving in relationships, purpose, abundance, and all that which is important to you.

As a Certified Intuitive Coach my WHY is to live a life of joy, love while being of service to those ready to receive what I share.

My journey included feelings of abandonment, control, manipulation, abuse throughout my childhood and life. Rooted in scarcity and struggle deep childhood wounds formed over the years. These wounds resulted in my constant people pleasing, putting others ahead of myself, my focus on high achievement, perfection, comparing myself to others and never feeling good enough. These influences and traumas affected my life and limited me from being my best self. After 13+ years in corporate Human Resources work I did not enjoy, lying to my parents, desperate to have a romantic relationship, struggling in friendships, longing to find my purpose, longing to feel worthy, abundant, I knew I had a choice to transform, or remain limited, chained, and unhappy.

Through extensive inner work, self-discovery, and energetic work I was able to shift not only myself but also how others connect with me. My relationships are significantly better. I am clear on my purpose, my worth and my inherent abundance. This is possible for you too. I have the keys to get you there.

As I lifelong learner I am continuing to explore. Explore what it means to flow in life, to be free, to integrate my inner child, my shadow, ego, to awaken or move toward enlightenment. During my Intuitive Coach training I felt called to explore my connection to my ancestors and to the goddess, sacred feminine. These are powerful areas I now draw on with confidence.

Another area I am passionate about is that of cultural, mindset and generational gaps in relationships. In my case these gaps are wide having parents who grew up and lived much of their lives in a country under the communist regime. I have lived in North America for over 20 years now and the gap between us is something I continue to consciously bridge.


    Deni’s Approach

    My intuitive gifts allow me to share wisdom from the Divine, All-There-Is. This wisdom can serve as a powerful guide along your soul’s path. I also bring in the energy of sacred feminine, energy of love and a deep respect for where you are at. As your coach I see that which is blocked from your view. I celebrate you. I see you bigger than you see yourself.


    Deni’s Values

    • Authenticity – I choose to be my true most authentic self.
    • Family – I cherish my family, my ancestry and the Divine, All-There-Is.
    • Integrity – I do what I say, I walk my talk. I do my work, expanding daily.
    • Adventure – Yes to exploring, playing, expressing myself, creating adventure in life.
    • Love – Love transforms all. I love myself; I love you and all beings on Earth.
    • Better World – I care about the contrast we have in the world. I am a supporter of causes that help our world heal, transform, and expand.
    Deni Kubricka
    Deni Kubricka

    Deni’s Interesting Bits

    • Born in Slovakia, Europe where she grew up in a controlling, scarcity, conflict filled environment.
    • At age 10 she lived in Argentina over a year learning Spanish, Russian and later German language.
    • Immigrated on her own to Vancouver, Canada speaking only few words English, over twenty years ago.
    • Spent 15 years working in recruiting and Human Resources seeing firsthand what it takes to step into leadership to yourself, to others and to an organization. Loves being her own boss now!
    • Lover of Zumba, yoga, meditation, breath work, forest, beach, nature, sharks and coral reefs.
    • As an empath she thrives when she is helping others, when near water and when she is alone.
    • Passionate about essential oils, crystals, energy, Egyptian, Celtic and Australian aboriginal heritages.
    Deni Kubricka